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The equipment used to make the prints

The Prints

My prints, files and stores in 3D printing

The Prints

Prints, files and stories in 3D printing

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An Etsy store setup to sell useful prints

3D Basics

3D printing is one of the oddly satisfying things a person can do. I love being able to to create a 3D structure that did not exist before, but does after you print it. You, the creator, can either use your design skills to create something new or select from the the thousands of pre designed files, or a little bit of both :) I personally love doing it all.

Here is my view of the 3D printing process. First, you have an idea of something you want to have. It could be as small as a cord anchor or as large as a hydroponic system; whatever you can imagine. when you have your idea, the first thing is to search the internet to see if someone has already created the file(s) you need to create your idea. The amazing thing about 3D printing and creators is people almost always give away designs to others for nothing. Amazing! At this point you can either use you found files or create your own.

Printing Gear

Prusa i3 MK3S+ 3D printer
Prusa i3 MK3S+ 3D printerTitle
The Prusa i3 MK3S+ is the latest, award-winning 3D printers manufactured by Prusa. Excellent hobbist printer.
Blender 3D Modeling Software
Free, open source software for modeling in 3D. Tough to get going, but does a great job for making 3D printing files.



Lack enclosure

Lack Enclosure This project take 2 Ikea Lack table  parts and 3D printing to make an enclosure for the 3D printer.  The orange parts are 3D printed while the black parts are the Lack.  Neat design that I found on Prusa. Print Time: 20 Hours Design Time: 0 hours Files : On [...]


Leaf Coaster Set

Leaf Coaster Set I found this print on the Purse website and immediately feel in love with the design.  I downloaded it and started printing right away.  It works so well with the Prusament Pistachio.  Even though it's small, it takes a while to print; almost a full 24 hours.  Still, love the [...]


Hepta Glyph

Hepta Signal The movie Arrival might be in the top 10 of of my favorite Sci-Fi movies. Good balance of story and 'new' ideas. I became a fan of the Alien (Hepta) glyph language and thought it was a novel concept. I wanted to look up how many word/phrases there was and try to [...]