Lightning vs AFC

Game Summary

Game with AFC, our rivals!  Always a good game.  The players were loose and i elected to stick with the 4-4-2, since is worked out so well in our last game.  At ball drop, it was obvious that AFC came out with intensity and Lightning was a bit flat.  AFC scored an early goal on follow up after a pass/shot.  Defense and midfield was not playing with cohesion.  We hade several offensive pushes, but AFC’s back 4 were able to keep shutting down most of our attacks.  They would bracket the ball carrier and slide support from the back side with their midfielders coming in to cover ours.  Even with a fast attack, it was always 6 of use against 8 of them and with their physical play against our finesse, the Lightning attackers were stalling.  The level of physicality increased throughout the game until the game was called off.  In the end, we learned that both teams had ineligible players and both teams disqualified.  [I did not think playing Jamol’s younger brother (Jerim) was against the rules, but I was mistaken]


Aiden, Alex, Austen, Ben, Connor, Dante, Gabe, Gavin, Hayden, Jake, Jamol, Jerim, Levi, Lewes, Nick, Noah, Rowan, Ryan, Sterling

Season Totals

1 0 1* 7 2 4(5)


4′ AFC (Dino)
36′ AFC (Nate)
39′ Gabe (PK)

13′ (Nate)

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