Lightning vs MUH

Game Summary

We knew nothing about this team, only that they looked younger and smaller.  I elected to move away from the 4-4-2 that we played in the last two games and teach the kids a new formation 3-2-2-3.  The 3-2-2-3 was specifically designed to work to beat AFC, and I needed the players to pick up the nuances of the formation before playing AFC.  Game started slow and their goalie was really good.  Our front 5 really started to force their players to play back more, opening up the field for our strikers.  The 3-2-2-3 was working well and the players were picking it up.  Once they figured the formation out, goals started dropping quickly.  15 minutes into the second half, I switched the defense and the offense and moved players to a 3-2-3-2, as the game was fully under their control.  During the game, several of the subbing players were complaining about rough play and trash talking from #30 and #77.  I saw the rough play, but I saw that more as a result of those players getting beat, not by them trying to hurt.  Not sure what #30 said to Gabe, but he went out anger, scored and over celebrated, drawing his second yellow card and getting ejected from the game.  We played man down with a backup goalie, and offense and defense switched.  They scored.  This was a good team win in the fact that they learned the formations and how to play with each other in those formations.  From an individual perspective, I explained that trash talking is only effective if you let it effect you; ignore it.   Lessons the players will need to know.


Aiden, Alex, Austen, Ben, Connor, Dante, Gabe, Gavin, Hayden, Jake, Jamol, Levi, Lewes, Nick, Noah, Rowan, Ryan, Sterling

Season Totals

2 0 1 13 2 8 (11)


23′ Alex
28′ Hayden
36′ Gavin

11′ Gabe
35′ Connor
38′ Gabe (RED CARD)
38′ MUH

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