Lightning vs TWI

Game Summary

Our first game of the year against last years champions; ugh.  I tried to get the boys as ready for the game as possible, expecting to lose and just trying to prevent a rout.  Went with a 4-4-2 and just wanted to see what happens.  3 minutes in, Lewes puts one in the back of the net from a loose ball opportunity.  Brilliant strike, it could have been easy to overthink the shot.  After that goal, Twin Valley   back 4 really started playing back, letting our attacks get a head of steam.  Game got out of control quickly and went up 7-1 before the half.  I had the boys dial it back for the second half, as there was no reason to try to score more.


Aiden, Alex, Austen, Ben, Connor, Dante, Gabe, Gavin, Hayden, Jake, Jamol, Levi, Lewes, Nick, Noah, Rowan, Ryan, Sterling

Season Totals

1 0 0 7 2 4(5)


3′ Lewes
9′ Ben
11′ Ben
17′ Ben
26′ Gabe
27′ Dante
32′ TWI (Paddy)
39′ Gabe

12′ TWI

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