Game Summary

6PM start on this game, so very light on the warms ups and being able to talk with the players. Rowan, Alex and I got there at 5:52. BTAA beat AFC in their first game, but in the little warm ups I saw, it looked like their goalie was a field player.  I assumed they were going to be heavy offense.  I opted for a 2-1-2, with the ‘1’ playing a CDM role. Wanted to lean into less goals against and allow our offensive player to go one-on-one to score.  Fist couple of minutes in the game were bad.  BTAA came out with playing a 2-3 and pushed hard.  It took a while for the boys to adjust and keep them at bay, but within the first 4 minutes of the game we were in a hole 0-2.  The boys regrouped and played their roles.  After we started scoring, they shifted into a 3-2, maybe to protect a lead or out of respect for our speed.  This slowed our scoring and we were only able to make it 3-2 by half.  I told the boys to adjust and take low shots from distance; also to attack the inside of the 3rds.  So understood, and we dropped 6 goals in the second half and really frustrated BTAA.  Alex forced a red card towards the end of the game by attacking in the 3rds and getting a one-on-one with the goalie.  Defender had little choice but to foul him from behind.  Excellent play!


Aiden, Alex, Austen, Ben, Connor, Dante, Gabe, Gavin, Hayden, Jake, James, Levi, Lewes, Nick, Noah, Rowan, Ryan, Sterling


1′ BTAA 
10′ Austen
12′ Aiden
16′ Austen

2′ Austen
3′ Austen
9′ Alex
11′ BTAA
14′ Aiden
19′ Gavin
22′ Levi